Thursday, April 23, 2009

at what point exactly does a bad day become a good night? its as if the day was a steady diet of chicken fried rice, and hate in my heart.
hell, the cookies didnt even have anything nice to say, and those tasty little treats  are the go to motherfuckers for a bad day.

my inspiration for today will be the stegomonster and a journey that starts in 12 hours, give or take.
i get mail, and for the most part, i simply discard it, the gold star for mail of the day goes to a nice little letter announcing itself, "you are being sued" , that one went to the lawyer , not the trash. its over 32 dollars. sick fucks i tell you.
what kind of degenerate motherfucker would sue a person over thirty two dollars you ask?
a hospital, thats the kind. if you havent noticed, or had the pleasure of being in a hospital recently, you might not know, that now every agent of the facility bills you separately, straight down to the intake.
the people hat sign you in, when you come rushing in after a car accident apparently get thirty two dollars for their service of taking your name, and then jamming the shitdick dry and swift in every orifice you make available. 
once again, spellcheck makes me aware that shitdick is not a word, oh what a love/hate relationship we have. any reading this will be my witness, when i pass from this earth, i want to leave the steaming pile of death shit in my pants to spellcheck. please dont deny me my final wish , please tell me youll give too spellcheck its just desserts. afterall, it is a tool oiled by the flaws of everyone that enables it.
im convinced that spellcheck is on its way to world domination, with a little aid from wal-mart, and dems.
another piece of mail i received was a rather  discreet  envelope containing clutch tickets, and for this i tell myself that i might bring back a bit of the good old days, and do it up right. i might not turn eight shades of purple and vomit in my shoe, but i will be damned sure rock some old school justice .
speaking of justice, and witnesses,really,
can i get one.
i was recently told in detail what an epic piece of shit i am,  full of hot doo doo butter full auto style.
but i do like the old school, and rise above. for sure, i have my moments,but im not exactly the fellow i used to be. ive grown, ive accepted my faults, and im going to great lengths to be the best me i possibly can. now if that wasnt some uber gay posi type shit, i dont know what is, i try you know.
i am a patient boy,
and i have faith that shots fired will end up with someone getting a nice shit sammich to the back of the head. after it comes around that is.
im all jazzed for some fresh spring goodness complete with hikes, wine and cheese , new scenery, and the best of company.
im pulling out the umbrella and making my way, splashing in every puddle that will have me.

i am grateful

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