Monday, October 19, 2009

sadatay my duders,
a little late night cyber loving, just to say that the lady and i have reached the great state of texas safe and sound. we rocked through the south for a few days, and now call austin home. for those of you that gets down with the get down (this includes lurkers, no i dont have a huge ego,google analytics tells me youre out there typing in my name) i can be found laying down the sickest of tatties at Shaman modifications. and you can reach me at 609 647 4695 to make an appointment for some of the folk style artsy goodness.

my words are true, but i often mumble, so heres the skinny.
i now live in austin texas, with a woman that i love dearly, who absolutely astonishes me every day. i work at shaman modifications on ben white blvd, a wonderful studio that is home to some of the greatest talent the city has to offer (not to mention , downright good people) , i am quite happy to work alongside them. i am an experienced artist working in a new city at an awesome studio, so you should come find me there, or call me, and be counted among the ranks of those in the know.

in conclusion, things have come together, its time for baby making,loving of life, and living free.ive worked hard to get where i am, and i am at every moment, grateful for what i have been given.

today brew and view, and a dope 38 bought for someone's mom will be my inspitation
sleep well

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