Thursday, April 9, 2009

i be a threat to myself and others. i swear by diminished capacity. i guarantee that this will hurt, you.
but for today, i will use coming home and crippling emotional pain (that might be trademarked,not sure) as my inspiration.
i am indeed foxing with it,
ima do do that freaky shit, til i can get down with the get down.
yes, i talk this way,
there is a lisp,
(the impediment for all you programming geeks.)
i aint skered
and im sure as fuck not mr boombastic. but i am well built.

ive got tickets,
theres travel coming up, and the move before the move is happening,
like nowish,
actually, not even the ish. id put money on something being hammered into a wall right now,
anchored,positioned, fastened, propped and primped.

roots? not really, just a bigger pot.

thats room enough for me

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