Monday, April 13, 2009

what the fuck is "half gay" anyway? i mean,you either put the cock in your mouth or you dont,right?

yeah,i spell shit all improper like, i dont punctuate the motherfuckers like i should, could, or would.
cause thats not how i get down

im tired of

"shotgun " hairstyles
un responsive motherfuckers
cool phrases like "the skin ofmy teeth"

i mean, if you will it, it will cometrue right,
isnt that the gift or some of the like shits

people everywhere just willing their lives to be shit, cause if its that easy, ive done alot of willing, and my hole is getting deeper with shitbird bastards shoveling more and more on top of me as the days pass.

im in the ladies living room

everytime i sit on this futon, and look around, the room seems emptier and emptier
there are few things that make me happy with the passing days, but this is one of them

i dont believe that a simple change in scenery is the answer to all that troubles me, ive seen the other side of the fence, and they have dogshit in their yard too
i do believe that i have given all there is to give to this part of my life, and its given nothing back

thats all i can do right? live to eleven? and hope that the times can keep up with me
if i live my moments with a passion in my life, an understanding of things the way they should be, rather than the way they are, i feel like im still at least a half step ahead of things

ive put a down payment on my future
so that one day i might be able to break out all the love letters and little notes left on the fridge, to remind me of what i have

my daily affirmations are a reminder that there is love in every direction, so that i might not be so blinded by whats in front of me

so yeah

thats my pondering on half gay

today its zig zag 1 1/4 papers and finding long black hair on my clothes that is my inspiration.

i am an active participant, i am not some asshole on the side of the road with my thumb out

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