Sunday, August 29, 2010

im pretty pumped about my life right now, as in the immediate ... right now,
and the hour that will follow. i will finish this post, and my cigarette, wash my hands, pick up my little monster of the belly sort, bring him to the bedroom, and then create a row of spoons, me being the biggest,
my lady in the middle, and then the little man on the end,
somewhere im sure , hunny bear will enter the equation.
at this point, a festival of the cuddle variety will begin.
this is how i end each and every day,
there is surely an argument for this making me the luckiest man on the face of the planet.
each morning i rise to the sight of this woman and child, they make my life whole,
rather than burden the reader with details of my gratitude, i will simply state that i am blessed,
i am aware of this.....
i contend that there is no epic tale of passion and love that may emulate this gift. if it is to come, i am to be its author.
with the does and donts of my morning there is a simple activity i complete without fail, and will ask you the reader to follow suit.....
somewhere between brushing my teeth, watering the plants, and looking for my keys i find a piece of paper, whether it be the back of an envelope, or a paper towel,
and i write,
i write a note to my mrs, and to my child,
i write a note thanking them for their love,
i write a note to remind them that i appreciate each and every smile they bring to my day,
i write a note to let them know that no matter how late i will get home,no matter how terrible the day,no matter what obstacles it may bring, i will return to them .

and most importantly ,that this is my one and only desire...that i do return to them, bringing every ounce of gratitude and thanks that left with me in the morning.
i sign it with my love, and leave to meet the day.

find yourself a pen, it is capable of many things.
mine captures moments i might not ever meet again, but most importantly it lets my love know that out of sight is not out of mind

my inspiration for today is eleven pounds thirteen ounces, and making a queen size bed feel like a twin

Friday, August 13, 2010

this domepiece comes with optics. fluid lenses,constantly collecting data of the dope that is my sapling. the seed has been spread, on your face?, not this time nukkas. the seed has fashioned itself a swaddling little monster of the belly style.
boobie milk has reached the belly, and finally found its home in my beard, via the righteous workings of the little wonder i call a son. thats right son, a son
my bundle of cosmic karma expresses himself with the spit stylings of raucous rabble-rousers, way deep into westward expansion,
some cosmic gold seekers, they inhabit my child and cause him to use my face as a spittoon. (google didnt even correct that shit)
i make sure to keep my head up when its time for the nappy swap, the little dude has some range when it comes to number two time. and that he do do.
yeah cosmic, do dah dipity, and real damned intense if you ask me. entering the ranks of beard wielding super troopers called dad has done me quite well these past months.
we call him eight weeks now.
little me is super official, his shit is trill, and by shit, i mean his scene, and by scene, i mean his surroundings of the immediate style. momma has some ever expanding glands of the mammary fashion. poppa is trim slim, and looking to battle down some serious cuddle monsters.
like never ever (yes in the outkast sense) before, my way of the milky variety has a center, he calls himself llewellyn, and he doesnt take kindly to lew.
whether im serenading him with a cappella metallica, or deep diving in the do do buttery goodness that inhabits his lower abdominal area,
i must be true, the little man is a life changing,
whether text,or mail,or call,or knock... to contact me of the tech type is second seat to the fresh hype.
little man rules the roost, class is in session and soapy spongepiece in my sapling is soaking it up.
love life my duders, it will most certainly not be there forever, start your affair now

i am without question ,in love.
now, i will speak to the people of the year 2000...

to you, my mister.(and any fellow with a bit of sense ).. if you come across a woman with even half the strength and beauty of your mother.... hold her tight, treat her right, and remind her each and every day that she is the reason the sun rises for you.

to my mrs... it would take a lifetime of hallmark moments to even begin to parallel that really squishy ,gay feeling you put in my heart. i will thank you , now, and every day i am able to rise by your side

my inspiration for today is the smile on my face, made possible in part by the aforementioned seed, and surprise visits from eastern friends.

word, p.s. i also gripped and ripped a bike, its a fixie, and will soon be fixed