Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The first day.....

Today my little belly monster turned one , he is wise beyond his year, and I am certain that in this time he has taught me exponentially more than I have little man man, my belly monster,llewellyn, ellyn, beebah, the baby man has been my strength, my inspiration, and most of all my family. I find in him and my lady the strength that only comes with numbers, this number, the magic number being three. And while we hope for this number to grow,(in the near future) , for the time being we may be small ,but we are strong.As I am not a mathematician, they tell me that our very existence is nothing more than a matter of numbers, I have faith in my numbers, I will plant them as a farmer does seed, and watch them grow , as he has, as I have, as we have. So on this day the fourteenth of June I will celebrate with anyone that wishes to raise a glass, tip a hat, or sing along. Today we sing for my son.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

of birth and earth

my little ‘mostly’ belly monster will be turning one in the years category this coming tuesday the 14th of june in the year of your lord “sure as hell not mine” 2011, thats right, 11, turning one add them smackers up, and you get three, whats three.

the magic making mother nukking number. three, thats what we have, thats what we’ll celebrate, and the little man will be none the wiser, because for our little beaster everyday is celebratory time, whether its in the backyard with the hose, in the pool, riding on his little trike being pushed by one of the parental units, or simply puppy wrastling on the couch, thats right i typed wrastling, its like wrestling for wranglers, and thats what my little do bot is, a wrastling wrangler of puppies far and wide.

believe you me, hell take down any pup in a five mile radius in under 5 flat , or my name isnt dodo brown , the man with the money down.

thats actually not my name, so im not sure if any of that makes sense.

the point,

there really doesnt need to be one, this is web world, and there aint no writing like he kind that comes out of your ass here in cyber laced interspace.

anyway, im saying, my son will turn one of the years old, it has flashed past, hes a walking talking booby sucking, ta ta grabbing mass memory machine.

and if there was a point, it would have been that even though the celebration for the day of his birth might involve a few people, and possibly some present tearing time, i swear that my little man made from the vitamin of d will have everyday be a birthday, as he has , so he will.

i celebrate everyday of life that little man has, and will continue to celebrate every day of life that he brings me,

there is youth in youth, if youre searching for the fountain, fuck that piece of shit movie, have a child, theyll keep you young forever, learning everyday, and give you reason to celebrate with every ounce of that cold dead heart you thought inhabited your chest.

they bring the blood back, they make it pump, and not only is my little man my heart now, he is my life.

so i tip my hat to the kind sir that has brought me yet another day of smiles and summer.

i love you

my inspiration for the day is the copy and paste from yesterday, and the embrace that comes with tomorrow