Monday, February 16, 2009

its everywhere else

the world will never be  what i want it to be, at least not in my lifetime. and id like to think im okay with that, not that my desires are of any concern to the big picture.
you pay your dues, put in your time, and when the day is done, the big picture just takes you deep and dry. 
i want to love like no one is watching,unashamed. giving the pieces i have left without hesitation, hoping its enough,  knowing that i am an active participant. i want to push.
but ill be happy with a pillow fort for two

my inspiration for the day, lips from fiction, and a hand to hold in mine.
ive got a shine in my eyes, from something i only thought to be true in stories.


  1. very nice work jim. i've always enjoyed your writing and your balls, so i'm pretty psyched about this.

    i'm adding you to my blog roll, you know, in an effort to maintain a mind-numbingly tedious blog-like experience. it's all very technical. we'll discuss this at the meeting for our book deals.


  2. thanks my man,
    and about the balls, you mean in a prison sort of way right?