Friday, February 6, 2009

first of few?

i suppose that an introduction is in order.
jim, blog
blog, jim
ive had this account for some time now, and never put it to any use. a friday night alone with laundry will serve as my inspiration. this will most likely be deleted upon some review in the future,but for the time being, i will use this little place on the interweb as a record, of my life.
its past, present, and possibly future. 
so, yeah, me.
im not quite sure how to approach this... so ill ramble

ive spent the better part of my life as what is best described as a person of low moral character, ive been a liar, a thief, a drunkard, an addict, and an all around waste of space. completely selfish, ignorant to the world around me, and how i effect the lives of others. along with a few brief moments of clarity , and the recent discovery that i am indeed not a highlander, i have been  brought to the conclusion that i am  a hot mess, a work in progress that will possibly never be whole. 
blame it on karma, or maybe just the little fortunes that come with my chinese food:whatever the cause, i am a being acknowledging my own faults, and coming to terms with them. which somehow leads me here. 
my single greatest fear in life is to die drunk, and alone, having never experienced the gift that is the true love of a woman and the comfort of a family. thus far, my self destructive nature has had the best of me, but there is hope for better days. or at least id like to think so.

, maybe its just some drug induced haze brought on by a wicked combination of xanax, vicodin, and bad mexican food.
either way, im here and typing, which cant be all bad.
so a few minutes of what i used to be should suffice,
now, what i am:
im your duder
i take pictures,tattoo,pierce, and thats what pays the bills,
aside from that ,
i rock a beard,cut my own hair, and urinate in the shower.
if theres anything i missed, feel free to ask.
i was in an automobile accident last october that apparently left me with a bit of brain damage,just a lil bit, and some real fucked up neck pain, since then, a steady diet of pain killers, muscle relaxers, and cigarettes have kept me sane.
i live in a loft in north philadelphia, 
i recently ended a long term relationship 


  1. "my single greatest fear in life is to die drunk, and alone"

    for what it's worth, unless I die first, you won't die alone.



  2. pour me a drink..I'm in too


  3. I hope you keep doing this.

  4. ooohhh aaron, such a noble statement. iwould expect nothing less, but i do take note to the fact that you mentioned nothing about being sober hahhaa

    kpan= nice to see you my friend, i am certain we will share a drink someday

    curious= i do do this freaky shit