Sunday, February 15, 2009

a copy/paste kind of evening

ever heard the term, bust a nut, ? 
yeah, well, i do do that freaky shit, and apparently i do it literally. 
i had a wild time at the doc with a catheter in my scrotum, draining blood from my precious hunnnies. 

you get a lump in your man spot, oh shit, whats that, not good, then it gets bigger, then you wake up, and you cant walk right, 
then you go to the doctor and he treats you like a complete asshole, asking you all sorts of nonsensical questions about how you hard style your mrs. 
and when you tell him the truth, he shoves a sharp object into your balls, almost like he wasnt satisfied and is trying to torture you into a different answer. 
but when blood keeps coming out, he turns a different shade, and decides that , hey, maybe this guy is telling the truth, maybe hes not a hard style pounder, maybe hes the sweet love maker that he told me about five minutes ago. 
then he gets more blood, and works the angle that youre hard pounding yourself,
and you explain, look, the mrs is on vacation, but the cat hasnt come out of the bag my man, and the cat likes to cuddle after too. 

thats right, i say some soft ass shit, fuck all.
then, after the accusations, and mentally jerking one out to your dismay, and sexual history, he rocks you with a bill that could fund third world rebellious types for a year,or so. 
fuck that noise. 
my heart is weighs heavy, my balls are bruised, and my wallet is suffering.

my rabbits foot is halfway across the country, and i cant get off the fence about a valentines day flight, so i end up home alone.  
so i tip my hat to you kind sirs, i have been bested. 
the words of a kind woman will be my inspiration for today


  1. Sweet love maker? Eeeuch!

    I knew this guy who, when he was a youngster, woke up with a similar problem (painful, eggplant-sized testicles) and it turned out he had twisted ... tubes (what are they called?) and the blood or something was backed up. Is that what happened to you? Are you sterile now?

  2. as far as im made aware, the seed is strong with me.
    and plentiful