Saturday, September 10, 2011

Get fucked

Let's begin by agreeing that there are certain inherent differences between you, and I. Having met me or not, let's use this as a springboard, ok. 
I don't know when neck and hand tattoos became all the rage, and even if you have your neck and hands tattooed, you are not my Kin. If you have a beard, you are not my
Kin, if you have scars and hate society, you are not my kin. If you have killed a man or shit on ones face , you are not my kin. 
I have spent a good portion of my life attempting to separate from society, but that is moot now. Because any 21year old prick with a neck tattoo thinks he can come up and chat,be my bro, my equal, my partner ,my pal,...
You are not my pal, you are a piece of shit . You are a person that I deem less worthy. You are someone to be shat on, smeared in, kick to pulp and left alone in a pile of feces ,vomit ,blood, and urine to cry for your mother.
On y second grade report card, being seven years old, I received an A in every class and there was a single note written at the bottom of the page
"is intolerant of those he deems less worthy" my teacher knew it then, too bad it took everyone else this long to pick up on it. I do not like you, I am not your kin. I wouldn't waste my precious bodily fluids to piss on you, so, fuck yourself, fuck your mother, fuck your dog, and get hit by a car fucking your dog.
You and I are not alike, so don't approach me when you get a glimpse, my tattoos,scars, and beard are meant as shelter, so I can be at home in my body, they are not an invitation, the way yours are. I am a misanthrope, look it up, and cross the street next time you see me coming. I have hate in my heart and it is for you

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