Friday, September 17, 2010

my day

new machine, i sent out last week to my dear friend steven huie , out of fly-rite in brooklyn , NY. i found it to be a great compliment that one of the greatest influences on me as a fledgling tattooist has bought a machine i built. i dont often stroke myself (well my ego at least), but ive got to say, i felt damned accomplished the day he ordered a machine from me.
so here it is,
it is the "J" machine in the paul rogers tribute series that i am working on (they are A through Z).
if you have any interest in ordering one, or might know a friend with some interest in a machine built by a misanthrope with hate in his heart, hey send me a message. they run for the same price that paul sold them for, so that should say alot given the change in the economy from when he was selling them in the eighties.
but yeah, im proud of the machines i build, i dont use any mass produced shit, my main tools are a dremel,a screwdriver, and a lot of love.
the love really tends to get things running smooth.
that is a rather nice segway into the usual mush i put here about my life, my love, and my general pursuit of happiness.
it would be redundant to create another entry about the fabulous woman that is my partner, and the righteous belly monster that is my child, but hey, it works for advertising. so ill send it home once more.
mrs, you are my heart,my salt, and my every ounce of joy, for you, i will not move my arm(if you know what that means, you really know of love)
belly monster, you are the googling,gurgling, grimey little ball of smiles and spit, around which i orbit, you are my sun. without your warmth and light i would simply return to ash.
if you follow me here with any regularity, or are the occasional passer by, know that i write these things not only for my partner, my child, and my peace of mind, but i write them equally so for you,
so that you may one day be able to recognize the love that i know , as your own.
it is there, in the cosmos,
for me, it is sitting in a chair with a puppy in its lap, telling me about how tired she is, and that is why my words will end.
my inspiration for the day is that i have found patience in a woman, and a toothache that is not my won

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