Monday, July 26, 2010

a whole day at the compound with the mrs, and little mister.
looking forward to a time when were a little further outside of society, having conversations about moving slowly off the grid. a little land, a little man, and a big future. i cant say were asking for much. we want to teach our little boy the right way to do things.... and even the basic idea of doing things. i think its fucking sad that something as simple as changing your own oil,or mowing your own lawn has been completely wiped away in almost a single generation. all lost to convenience.
theres a bit to be said for the convenience of modern living, but i do believe theres far more to be said for self sufficiency. theres a great satisfaction that comes with knowing you are capable of providing for your family.
i am finding that task rather difficult at the moment, ive been a bit duped by the promise of comfort and luxury, at the cost of knowledge. this is something that will most assuredly change drastically over the next couple years. it is a horrible ,suffocating feeling, thinking that you cannot provide the type of life that you wish for your child.
and im not talking about anything lavish here, im talking about necessities. i cannot remember a time in my adult life that i have been this poor. as well, i cannot think of a time that i have ever been happier. sacrifices i suppose.
there is nothing worth more to me than the welfare of my mrs and child. this will continue to remain my focus in the coming months. i suppose im just pondering the difficulty of possession. and im making conscious efforts to possess less tangible items. this is something i will surely stress to my little boy, or as i like to call him, "the belly monster", or the "be ba", or "baby man"
and to my mrs, to whom i am reading this aloud, you are my life,my love, the reason i rise and fall with every day, it is to you that i owe a debt , the debt of gratitude for bringing to my life the wonder of my little boy.
and to you the reader, hold precious the love in your life, it is something of incalculable value, that i do hope you realize a lot earlier in life than i have.
my inspiration for today is wasted time, and the butterflies that come with the kiss of a beautiful woman


  1. apparently capital letters were lost to the convenience of modern life as well.

    but that was some beautiful and sweet shit man. After I read it and had brandy read it, we almost immediately started making our own butterflies. Thank you Dr. Jim.

    I'm drinking a nice bottle of wine and toasting to the happiness that is in you and yours.


  2. Ah I know only too well the trade off with happiness and depletion of cash resources. But it is worth it! I keep telling myself this but I know it to be true.

  3. aaron= i believe that is a compliment my duder. as for capital letters, theyre completely unnecessary, i dont have time for bullshit like punctuation either. you either understand what im saying, or youre not worthy. and i believe you understand what im saying

    alex= i wasnt really talking about the trade off of things, i was more referring to the fact that im broke, like real broke, like cutting off the phone and electricity broke

  4. oh well that sucks balls we're broke and in the same boat until I get a job... which is so far proving itself to be impossible because no one likes foreigners!