Thursday, December 10, 2009

the warm around my neck

there is no crushing fury of snow, no great labour of the morning. there is life, love, happiness, and the pursuit of great big little things to come.
the days treat me well, i cant argue, i put all my eggs in one basket, and they made it across the country safely.
im not saying some hard times arent in the midst, come on now, poppa's gotta hustle a little pussy for the sake of a dime, and he will.
so i hustle, or at least i try.
its something ive never quite caught onto though, i mean, ive always scraped by, and i always will, somehow. but homeboy just doesnt get down with the shameless self promotion needed to get the daily dough cruising through the door.
todays inspiration is having a neck warmed with knit love, and the uncanny ability to make a dollar out of 18 cents.
thats where i am, 18 cents, an odd little number with a long way to go, not quite sure if hes gonna get there, but damned sure hell be worth a helluva lot more when hes done.
maybe im a hater, maybe i just dont get down with the cool kids getdown. im content being a little fish with the god damned pimpest pond this side of the mighty Mississippi.
so yeah, theres that.
as a bit of an aside ive been going for decompression therapy for my back , which really isnt working, just sort of stretching out the itty bits that make me twitch, so there are injections, and surgery on the horizon, way to make dope so much doper.
anyway, my little knife and i are whittling a nitch in the center of texas, planting seeds,picking up puppy shit, and feeling all around , a little less oppressed by the man.

findings yo, and thats just my neck

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